What treats should you give your dog?

We asked experts to share their opinion on what treats should and should not be given to a dog. Choose dog calming treats.

A treat for a dog should be:

  1. Useful
  2. Tasty
  3. Convenient.

When you buy a treat for your pet, give preference to treats that do not contain sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors.It is important to choose the right taste of the treat so that the dog responds well and follows commands with great zeal.For convenience when working with a dog, a treat should be available in size so that eating it does not distract from the activity. It will also be more convenient for you to use a treat that does not crumble or stain.Natural delicacies made from meat (chicken, lamb, beef, etc.) are best suited. They are in the form of dried and semi-moist fillets, sausages.It is convenient to grind them and put them in your purse or pocket. You can also opt for dog biscuits. Important! Any delicacy is an additional food. Its quality and quantity affects the health of your pet. Remember that the dog should not be exercised after feeding.For allergic dogs, choose hypoallergenic rabbit, turkey, duck, and lamb treats.

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It is better to choose the treat that the dog likes the most.It is very convenient to use boiled chicken stomachs – they do not crumble, they can be chopped as finely as possible.You can use ready-made snacks. Dogs love Royal Canine Energy, but they are very high in calories.It is convenient to use ready-made dried offal, for example, light – the most profitable and convenient option. It’s lightweight, so it’s cheap. At the same time, it breaks down well and smells like dried mushrooms.Dogs are very fond of bovine eggs (thinly sliced ​​before drying), rumen and intestines. Guts have the worst odor. All this can be bought ready-made.If you want to tinker, you can prepare a treat for the dog yourself:

  1. The liver is passed through a meat grinder, onions, carrots, garlic, a little salt, an egg, flour are added.
  2. Put it in a thin layer on a baking sheet and dry, then cut.  

 If you give your dog raw food, he will happily eat the unpeeled tripe. Of course, he is very smelly and gets his hands dirty, but he is quite capable of turning on the brain.My dogs love pancakes and cheesecakes.If the dog is not a manic foodie, then it is good to change the treat, because the new one is always tastier.  For the smooth fox terrier, I use regular feed, as the treat is not used to stimulate and motivate, but to calm down.All this can be done if there are no stomach problems and allergies.

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