4 objects or toys not suitable for dogs

Living with a pet at home is, without a doubt, an act that brings many benefits to her and to you and yours. But, as we do with ourselves, we must take into account a series of precautions and inform ourselves about your specific needs. This applies to leisure, so we talk about toys not suitable for dogs.

Dogs and toys

Entertainment and leisure in our pets are just as important as for us. In many cases, a toy is not necessary, since the simple fact of playing with them is highly satisfactory.

However, toys not only encourage their physical activity but also mental. When we get one of these toys, we must make sure that they are designed specifically for them.

Although it depends on race and age, many dogs will turn to everyday objects if they find nothing to play with. This fact can endanger your health and, therefore, it is important to know that there are several objects or toys not suitable for dogs.

What everyday objects are dangerous?

In our home, there are numerous utensils that we must monitor or protect, in order to avoid any damage to both our dog and ourselves.

Cables and plugs

These accessories are found in every house, to a greater or lesser extent. Our dog, perhaps out of curiosity, can start approaching and sniffing the wires of our computer or other electronic devices. Beyond the damage it entails for our devices, chewing and swallowing portions of plastic or copper is not good for our dog.

The danger of electrocution when licking plugs or cables is always present. For this reason, hiding the plugs and having the cables collected and at a certain height can save us unexpected visits to the veterinarian.

The kitchen environment

Although for our friend, it is one of the most ‘appetizing’ places, the kitchen is one of the insights into the most dangerous place. In the first place, because there are several foods not indicated for dogs that can fall to the ground while we cook, with the consequent damage to their health.

In most of our kitchens, garbage is usually in an easily accessible place for us. This means that our pets can also reach it. Many dogs and cats find easy fun when they play with the garbage, but this must be avoided, as colonies of microorganisms from decaying food proliferate.

These microorganisms are not good for your dog or for you, so the best solution is to prevent access to the garbage can or protect it.

Toys not suitable for dogs

As we have already indicated, the best thing when choosing a toy is that it is especially suitable for dogs. Many times we unconsciously leave our pets with toys that can put their lives at risk.


It may seem surprising since we have all seen a dog nibbling and tearing apart some stuffed animal. But we do not stop to think that this stuffed animal may have some poorly sewn piece – or simply glued – or the filling may contain some harmful component.

Unfortunately for our pet, this usually leads to an intestinal occlusion, due to the accidental intake of any of these parts. In these cases, an urgent visit to the veterinarian is required. If we reward our dog with a stuffed animal, we must acquire a special one for them.

Tennis balls: toys not suitable for dogs?

It is something very common and what is usually used: we throw a tennis ball at our dog, and he comes back to us, nibbling it with more or less intensity. While this is not something too harmful, it can become a problem if the dog becomes obsessed with it.

And is that the main component of the balls, fiberglass, is a great enemy of our dog’s teeth. Being a very rough material, it acts like sandpaper and gradually wears the canine tooth enamel. If we want our dog to play with balls, we must opt ​​for other options in the market that are more recommended.

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